Welcome to Benzo Chess,

I'm a Tournament chess player, director, organizer, and tutor from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Just west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Currently, working on lesson planning to improve my lessons overall and to help my students win tournaments. For over 6+ years I've taught to 50+ chess students.
Most of my students go on to participate in local open and scholastic tournament with impressive results including winning a reserve section, winning state for their grade levels, destroyed a chess expert. Currently today I have a half dozen of formal students with ratings of 1500-1750. One formal student got an invite to play for team USA for there age group.

My Long Term goal is to be a successful chess Teacher/Tutor/Coach!
I want to make the game more exciting and challenging for everyone with the community growing in chess population.

Check my blog out for everything, from my games, event, classes, etc.

Click here to see my games against Excalibur Kingmaster lll (ELO 1750est)


6th Annual BC Open! September 3rd in Brookfield Wisconsin!!!!!!!

Ben playing chess!


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